Fishing For Prehistoric Dinosaurs In Texas

Allyse and I landed a huge alligator gar near 7 foot and released it unharmed. this is one of my longer videos but there isnt too much content on alligator gar out there and i have always liked showing the whole story
Allyse and i both landed this fish, it wont be long now before she wont need my help at all

Insane Fishing Trip To Guyana! Arapaima, Payara, Piranha!

ever dream of going on an amazing river trip fishing for fish of a lifetime! this is the trip you’ve been dreaming about!!! check it out!!!

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Shark Fishing Logan River – Stabbed By Worlds DEADLIEST Fish

I go out to The Logan River where I get STABBED by one of the worlds DEADLIEST fish but still manage to catch some Bull sharks.

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The Story: Well over the past few weeks I’ve been searching for Bull Sharks and after traveling to a few different places, using different bait and I had NO LUCK. Then my Uncle Steven told me that one of the best places to catch BULL SHARKS is in the Logan River, and the 2 best baits to use is freshwater eel, or live mullet. So a week later I travelled up to Logan & went fishing with him to try and catch some Bull Sharks so we could show you how to catch and release a Shark. After heading out to the junction of the Logan & Albert Rivers, we threw the anchor down, chucked in the baits and started fishing, and in no time I was hooked up to a BULL SHARK!!
And it seemed like they just kept on coming in… But that’s a different story… enjoy this video and thank you!

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Amazing 2 Girls Fishing At Siem Reap – Cambodia Traditional Fishing – How To Catches Fish

SK fishing Channel is showing about:
Breed animals,Monkey group,fishing traditional, catching fishes snakes by Brave Beautiful Girl, please go to my channel for watch more videos my channel “SK fishing”,fishing for their life in Cambodia, how to catch fishes snakes…

More video for SK fishing Channel.
“SK fishing” these fishes snakes feed families none go to waste that being said if you don’t like it too bad.

“SK fishing”
Animal,Snakes,spider,batman,madraba, bluefin tuna net fishing morocco. some others like to use fishing net some like mosquito net or just a net to catch the fishes these are the ways how to catch the fishes

cast net in Cambodia | throw fishing net at south west of Cambodia.
“SK fishing” is CHANNEL showing wade fishing with a 12ft cast net.
amazing how many fishes Snakes can come in a big deep hole is enough for today but their fishing,catching snake the most every day is catching by children catch big snake shallow see full videos

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Gopher Fishing In Backyard… Best Way To Get Rid Of Gophers!

Gopher fishing in backyard… best way to get rid of gophers!
How we take care of gophers in our yard to keep them from eating my garden. Easy and effective keeps them under control and away from my garden.

Should we use live traps instead…
How do you set these traps?
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I Catch some Big Fish in the nearby sewer systems before Feeding my good friend Zak aka CATCH EM ALL FISHING’s MONSTER PETS! Shamu made my hand bleed!
Filmed by @reelguyry

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Catching Tuna Maldivian Style

Globally, tuna stocks are heavily over fished. But the fishermen in the Maldives – catching their skipjack by pole and line – are giving their skipjack tuna a brighter future.

Playful Fish, Enjoys Being Handled

This wonderful little fish actually plays with this man. He trusts him enough to even be held and thrown. The fish really seems to be enjoying it.